ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gladiator Glam

Woodbury University is officially on summer break! All of our hard work and sleepless nights have finally paid off. I couldn’t be happier to indulge in a little relaxation and have some fun in the sun. With finals now completed, I have an extra oomph of energy to add a little more flair into my ensembles. This Fashionista’s look definitely caught my eye as it is chic and trendy.

First, the shoes! I love a great gladiator sandal. In L.A., gladiator sandals are a very popular style of footwear. These particular gladiators aren’t only heeled, but they are also high-rise, which makes a much more dramatic statement. There are so many different types of gladiator sandals, so any Fashionista can wear this edgy trend!

Dresses are a warm weather go-to. The dress is very trendy because it is ’70s-inspired as it features a tent silhouette and bell sleeves. Plus, the exposed back and pretty blue print gives off a beach vibe that evokes thoughts of summer. Best of all, because of its tent silhouette, the dress is breezy and perfect for a hot day.

Accessories are always in! This Fashionista isn’t shy when it comes to her rings. She makes a bold statement with multiple, mixed-metal rings. Her posh, black mani helps the rings to pop. This Fashionista definitely maintains a good balance of details because her black mani and multiple rings don’t overpower or clash with her feminine, ’70s-inspired look.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is easily obtainable. You won’t regret trying this look as you will be right on-trend. Once you find a casual dress of your liking, simply slip into a pair of gladiators. Don’t forget to accessorize with rings and a bold pair of sunglasses.