ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girly Combat Boots

As spring starts to makes its way into Boston and the crazy amount of snow starts to melt away, it’s time to bring out those outfits for “it’s cold, but not that cold” season. This usually means a good pair of denim with a cute light sweater, topped off with a coat and, of course, boots.

Combat boots can usually be seen as a masculine accessory, given that they are part of the military uniform. However, girls have been making them look good with feminine outfits for quite a while now. Stores have also been finding their way to make this boot more accessible to women, like using different colors instead of the classic black or dark brown. Combat boots can really add a unique touch to an outfit, because they are so different but at the same time, so pretty that they can’t help but be an attention grabber.

These versatile boots represent a unique trend in every look. This Fashionista paired these beautiful beige and pink combat boots with a simple but stylish outfit. She started with a pair of dark blue jeans. This piece is a must in everyone’s closet. They’re perfect for an everyday outfit or to dress it up for an occasion that requires you to wear something classier. Given that it wasn’t that cold out, she opted for a white sweater. This piece is also super simple to build looks with; even though it looks amazing with the denim and the boots, this Fashionista could have opted for a skirt or shorts and it still would have looked beautiful. To add the cherry on top, this Fashionista picked another trendy accessory: a cross-body bag. Even though these bags come in different sizes and shapes, they always serve their function very well, which is to carry the essentials. Her outfit is a perfect option for a day out with your girlfriends or even to go to school.

How To: Looking for a way to rock your combat boots? Look no further! Hop into your best pair of skinny jeans and throw on your favorite sweater and coat. Finally, to carry everything a girl needs, grab a cross-body bag.