I know that it’s spring semester, but Mother Nature always decides to exclude Florida in the changing of seasons. While it’s technically still winter, we University of Florida students hardly ever get the chance to swap our favorite spring sandals for a pair of stylish winter boots.

I spotted this Fashionista tabling in Turlington and initially thought that her outfit was rather simple. The neutral, classic black and white palette keeps the otherwise summery outfit appropriate for the winter. Still, I appreciate her simplicity.

A pair of loose patterned shorts and a T-shirt is my personal go-to outfit during the warmer months, which is basically every month in the Sunshine State. Like COVERGIRL, this is an easy, breezy and beautiful look that can be dressed up or dressed down.

For a on-campus and everyday look, this Fashionista dressed her outfit down with funky accessories and the star of the look: her lace-up sandals. Though I’ve never been a fan of gladiator sandals, her lace-up sandals caught my eye.

Recently, designers have created this new style of strappy sandals that I am absolutely in love with. They’re more than just long pieces of lace wrapped around your ankle; they offer a unique dynamic and add an edgy touch of detail to a rather effortless look. I’ve seen this lace-up style on high heels too, which adds a sexy and flirty touch to any outfit.

How To: If you can’t get away with shorts during these “winter” months, pair distressed denim with a loose T-shirt and a leather jacket. Slip on this pair of lace-up sandals to keep the look trendy. Don’t forget a cool ring or necklace to accessorize.