ALL IN THE DETAILS: Get A Kick Outta This

Whoever created the saying “history repeats itself” was definitely onto something.This past year has been the golden age for ripped jeans crop tops and white sneakers. Fashion empires including H&M and Urban Outfitters have done an excellent job of incorporating old school style into affordable and exclusive new pieces. Neutral colors are in and androgynous fashion has never been more popular.  Denim is also back and now appealing to an entirely new demographic. Denim items have been reinvented and are considered some of retailers’ most profitable items.

This Fashionista is representing the perfect blend between old school style and modern minimalism. The simplistic color scheme and basic pieces give her versatility and style. One thing that stands out in this Fashionista’s outfit are her fresh white sneakers. Not only are they perfectly white, but they are stylish and easy to match with. While choosing the right pair of kicks be sure to find a style that fits your wardrobe and is versatile with other pieces in your closet. Nike and adidas are notorious for their innovative and dynamic shoe collection. If you are trying to find the perfect pair I would highly recommend checking out both websites and doing some research on all of the different styles.

This Fashionista is rocking a pair of Vans that she picked up at her local zumiez retailer. To complete her look this Fashionista choose her favorite pair ripped jeans and a crop top. These items are perfect for throwing together a comfortable and stylish outfit for basically any occasion.

How To: Have you ever been afraid to wear high-top sneakers thinking they are too masculine? Sneakers are truly the perfect addition to any “on the go” outfit. Style icons such as Rihanna have been instigators in starting androgynous trends and inspiring brands to reinvent and merge feminism and masculinity into one.