ALL IN THE DETAILS: Futuristic Edge

January 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

Everyone has a staple outfit in their closet that they gravitate towards to. It could be a flattering dress that is perfect for every occasion or a T-shirt and jeans combo that has fast become a comfort blanket. Sooner or later, that staple outfit seems to fall flat due to a lack of change. Well, the best solution to this dilemma is by accessorising your outfit differently.

On a rainy day in sunny California, I bumped into this Fashionista that knew exactly how to accessorise a simple outfit. The way she did it was in a subtle yet distinct way. She explained to me that she is building up a collection on body part related rings, hence the fingers and Rolling Stone lip rings. To break up the ongoing theme, she added a safety pin ring that you can find here. What really caught my eye was her Misfit Shine watch. Wearable tech has been blowing up over the past season as Opening Ceremony teamed up with Intel as well as Matthew Miller collaborating with G-Shock. With the advancement of technology slowly seeping into fashion, it is fascinating to see someone wear it in person. The matte black exterior of the watch added a futuristic sleek element to her overall look. She told me that her Misfit watch allows her to track her movement in order for her to achieve her daily steps goal. Additionally, it tracks her sleep cycle to see how many hours of restful sleep she gets per night. The future expectations of past sci-fi films are slowly becoming reality, especially with Nike’s self-lacing Back To The Future 2 sneakers that will be released this year. 2015 is definitely an exciting year for the fashion industry.

How To: Pair a bunch of rings that are tied around a specific theme and wear all of it on the majority of your fingers. To draw attention to your watch, pair it with the same color scheme as your rings. Take this Fashionista as a fine example. She paired her watch with a cluster of gold chains for a seamless transition to her fingers.