April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we slowly venture off and start wearing dresses, some are finding ways to incorporate vests. This Fashionista keeps it classy by wearing a black skirt, tights and a sweater that will immediately make you assume she has a dress on but soon realize it’s not. In addition, she decides to add a fuchsia vest and baby blue purse to add some color to a rather monochromatic outfit.

Vests are a great piece of clothing for the fall and spring. They come in different colors and different textures, which then allows for a variety of options. This Fashionista’s killer look is a perfect example of how to sport what I like to call spring fuchsia. She effortlessly takes pieces like her purse and vest that contrast beautifully, giving an edgy vibe to a classy look. Experimentation is key to fashion and when I saw this Fashionista walking around campus, it inspired me to investment in a vest. To finish the look, she accessorized by sporting a cute pair of sunglasses and several necklaces.

How To: Achieving this look is simple. All you need to do is to find a black dress or as this Fashionista found a sweater and a skirt. Afterwards, you can go wild and choose a vest and a purse of your choice. What’s crucial is to find a colorful yet different vest that contrasts next to the purse. This ensemble will not only prepare you for any cold fronts but also help you merge slowly to spring!