I constantly hear from my brother that men don’t have as many fashion options as women. The thing is, he just doesn’t know how to make the details an integral part of his outfit. When it comes to men’s fashion, the little nuances are the things that make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. This Fashionisto has shown that shoes are one of the most important elements of an outfit—especially for men. Whenever I look at men, I always inspect their shoes. If they aren’t fashionable or don’t fit with the outfit, automatically I look at them in a different light. So, men: Shoes are important, step your game up (yes, pun intended).

This Fashionisto knew how to make his shoes complete his outfit. These shoes are from a vintage shop from his hometown in Vermont which gives them a super worn feel and a one of a kind statement. The brown color also complements the rest of the outfit by not matching too directly, but still keeping an earthy tone that can go with anything. The thing that elevates this shoe even further is the fact that it is a high-top brogue, which makes the shoe seem more relaxed and ready to be worn in many different outfits. By cuffing his pants this Fashionisto has drawn everyones eyes to his shoes. The rest of his outfit is simple, but by adding dimension with his open shirt and hippy sunglasses this Fashionisto is looking like he has it all together. Shoes are one of the best accessories in fashion to play around with for both men and women. There are so many different styles and types, so don’t be afraid to have fun with them and show your personality through your shoes!

How To: The best thing about shoes is that there really is no one rule. But when styling shoes make sure they fit the feel of the outfit. These high-top brogues are perfect to rock with chinos and a plain shirt that is ready to be worn to class, shopping or a casual date.