ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fringeworthy

Fashion Weeks from New York to Milan chose the ’70s as their era for inspiration and we have seen designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tracy Reese emulate this in their looks for the season. So how can a Fashionista take on this stylish decade today? Fringe. This symbolic ’70s trademark is the time machine that will take you back to this posh period and never want to come back.

This Fashionista channels this decade with her stylish use of fringe. Her tan suede jacket is layered with impeccable fringe detailing that embodies ’70s chic and flare. She keeps it simple and classic with a black tank, boyfriend jeans and brown booties. The neutral colors and simplicity of her other pieces allow for the fringe jacket to become the main focus and wow factor of her look. The earthy tones of her look are also a nod to similar color palettes that were popular in ’70s fashion. She finished off this look with a pair of oversized sunglasses which are reflective of the style of sunglasses worn in the ’70s. The sides of her sunglasses also match the color of her fringe jacket, allowing the two to complement each other well.

Sometimes history repeating itself isn’t a bad thing. This Fashionista’s fringe look reminds us that a fashionable trip down memory lane can still be trendy in any decade!

How To: Feel like it’s time for a change, or even a change of time? Channel the ’70s by incorporating fringe accessories to your look. Pair a fringe vest with a neutral look. Also, you can add a fringe bag to an outfit to give it that ’70s glam and bohemian edge.