With school classes officially in full effect, it becomes increasingly important  to dress in comfy and casual clothing; it is a must. Especially when walking through campus on fall days in Virginia, where weather fluctuates constantly. Between being warm outside and cold inside after getting to and from class, this Fashionista knows exactly how to be comfy and chic at the same time. Because of this Fashionista’s busy schedule, she naturally chooses pieces from her closet that are very versatile.

This Fashionista’s leggings are the perfect essential for a busy college student like herself. With the mesh accents, it adds a touch of edge to her casual look. These leggings are very versatile for everyday and everything. Let’s face it; since leggings made their debut back in  2006, they have officially claimed the title of  “girl’s best friend,” and they’re not going anywhere. Ladies, from all over,  have taken a liking to leggings. And seeing this new little number with mesh cutouts really gives her outfit a slight edge. Leggings are at it again making ladies melt alt the very sight of them. This Fashionista completes her look by wearing her Birkenstocks sandals, dainty jewelry accents such as her initial ring, pearl necklace to add a bit of finesse to her outfit choice and a neutral tunic just in time for fall.

How To: Have you never been able to get on the leggings train? These mesh cutout leggings are so easy to transition and wear with anything. During the day, pairing them with some Nikes or sandals and a nice flowy top will give you just the right amount of coverage and class to go with your edgy leggings. Ready to take them out on the town? Pair these leggings with a pair of booties, light colored shirt, a mid-length and structured jacket to really accentuate your look. All of these details will help you go unnoticed.