April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

The first buddings of spring have officially announced their appearance in Paris. The sun is out, at least more consistently, and so are the impeccably dressed Parisians. The transition from muted winter ensembles to looks with pops of color here and there has made its way on through the streets of the city. Lucky for me, it is a great time to go street style hunting when the sunshine has infused happy spirits into both the mindset and wardrobe of the people. So in an effort to maximize my opportunity to capture stylish hommes, I decided to keep an eye out especially for male street style.

I spotted this Fashionisto perfectly perched by a picturesque set of bicycles, and his outfit was begging for a photograph. One thing that the French guys have excelled at is the art of accessorizing. If you study at a Parisian university or are around many Parisian students, you will find that the boys typically port a sleek briefcase satchel to maintain all their materials in a fashionable way. It didn’t surprise me to find this Fashionisto complete with the standard French boy accessory. In addition to his satchel that was handmade in Morocco, he layered the three stereotypical, yet standard French essentials: stripes, a classic trench coat, a pair of dark wash jeans and Addidas. The overall impression of the look was très chic and très Parisien!

How To: Not sure how to accessorize for spring? Take a cue from this Fashionisto and introduce a little layering into your ensemble. This technique will allow you to experiment with different texture and pattern combinations to create a multidimensional look while also combatting weather fluctuations. Guys, don’t be afraid to carry around that sleek satchel! I promise that it adds a level of sophistication and makes you look that much more put together.