ALL IN THE DETAILS: Free-spirited Flow

May 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

What I love most about fashion is that it is a great outlet for self-expression where anyone can easily showcase their moods or personality through different cuts, materials, patterns and colors. When you are “feeling some type of way,” you can easily dress the part. Darker colors are great for feeling mysterious, a blazer suits well for accomplishments and a silk gown is perfect for timeless moments. A prime example of an expressive Fashionista is this individual who collaborated circular cuts and solid colors to create a stylish spring outfit revealing the wholeness of a free-spirited individual.

Playfulness and relaxation make up this Fashionista’s attire. She headlined the outfit by wearing a maroon chapeau, black long bell sleeve lace-up top, white textured skater skirt and a pair of open toe high heel clogs accessorized with a sun charm choker. The bohemian style top and versatile skirt feature the pivotal component of a circular shape. This trait, visible at the end of the top’s sleeves and skirt, is a chic component allowing the material to fall loosely without any unwelcoming constraints and provides movement for daily activities. Additionally, the use of a hat works great in creating a more full feel from head to toe because it shares the similar concept of a circular shape. Together, the colors work successfully in creating balance between lights and darks, as well as give subtle accents colors that are nowhere near intrusive for a more cultivated, harmonious and optimistic look.

With changing seasons come more pieces of clothing to fully understand who you are through your daily fashion choices. Are you a fitted jean type of individual casually, yet comfortably, going along with your day? Are you a determined, hard-edged professional with freshly pressed slacks? Or, would you consider yourself a free spirit expressing fullness and fluidity with the movement of your clothing? Whatever your decisions may be, just know you should never be afraid to get creative and explore your identity.

How To: Want to get in touch with your expressive free-spirited side? Try adding in some of your favorite loose flowing festival articles with circular cuts. Keep your colors simple and rock your outfit with some uplifting positivity.