March 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

The weather is starting to rise above the negative temperatures, which can only mean one thing—spring is right around the corner. This means it’s time to dig in the back of your closet and break out the lighter colors. This Fashionista not only broke out the lighter colors, but also the flowers. Her flowy top with peach flowers instantly lightens her look and becomes the focal point, not to mention the peach tank underneath helps to make the flowers stand out against the blue.

Since it is not quite spring, this Fashionista knew to include a coat with her outfit. Let’s all take a moment and agree that red looks amazing on this Fashionista, and even helps to bring out the darker peach parts of her shirt. Of course, to make the top part of the outfit complete, a little bit of sparkle is needed. The differing lengths and the styles of the necklaces add texture to the outfit and attract the sun which makes this Fashionista shine bright like a diamond.

To not distract from the rest of the outfit, a classic pair of jeans and Tommy Hilfiger boots were added. Again, since the temperatures are not quite high enough for sandals, boots are still needed on a daily basis. These Tommy Hilfiger boots with a brown top help to tie together the darker tones of peach with the boots.

How To: Ready to wear brighter colors like this Fashionista did? Find a colorful top with spring colors, and keep the rest of your outfit simple with classic blue jeans or skinny black pants so as not to distract from the bright colors.