ALL IN THE DETAILS: Floppy 'n' Flowy

The floppy hat is an essential piece to any Fashionista’s summer outfit. This trend continues to pop up each year when the warm weather hits. It can make your favorite summer sundress into so much more. This Fashionista is doing just that.

There are so many different floppy hat options to choose from whether they have different colors, details, designs or sizes. The best part is how easy it is to find one. From Nordstrom to Target to Forever 21, they all sell floppy sun hats this time of year providing many different options depending on your personal style. This Fashionista went with the basic tan, woven straw hat with a bow tied on the back. It is simple, yet fashionable allowing it to go with a lot more than just one outfit.

Her dress is full of colorful patterns so the more subtle hat she decided to go with compliments the outfit overall. She chose to wear her white and tan Jack Rodger sandals giving a preppy flare to this relaxed look.

My favorite thing about this outfit how it is so stylish with just three main components making it easy for anyone to achieve. This Fashionista is displaying the ideal look for those who aren’t about an excessive amount of articles of clothing and accessories.

How To: Want to get this perfect summertime look? All you need is your choice of a neutral toned floppy hat, a flowy and colorful dress and a pair of sandals to complete it.