ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flirty and Floral

May 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Most of the college students across America have changed out all of their winter clothes, and have hung up their spring and summer favorites. For many, this includes a handful of gorgeous florals. While most would think that a floral dress has to be crazy bright, they aren’t if neutrals are more of your thing. One thing that is great about a flower-filled dress is that you can just throw it on and go. You don’t have to pick out an entire outfit, which makes these dresses the perfect options for your summer days.

This Fashionista has found the perfect floral dress, which still has muted colors that aren’t too flashy. Her dress with a light gray backdrop with beautiful, purple flowers. She picked a dress that is also loose and flowing, a style that is all the rage right now.

Once you find your perfect floral frock, you can pair it with simple shoes and jewelry in order to really let that floral dress shine. Think you have to put away the booties? Well, you don’t. This Fashionista paired her dress with a pair of simple black suede booties and personalized gold and silver jewelry. She isn’t afraid to put both gold and silver jewelry together.

How To: Love this Fashionista’s style? Well, you can replicate it. You can find gorgeous options between cream or purple-grays; whatever your floral heart desires. Then, just personalize, throw on your favorite simple necklace or some gold bangles. For shoes, booties or sandals are an appropriate option.