As we delve deeper into the summer, temperatures continue to rise, and the amount of fabric we can comfortably wear goes down. My squad of fashionable friends tend to complain relentlessly about the woes of heat, sun and not being able to wear their favorite layers of black clothing in 80 degree weather. I always have to remind them: “fear not!”

The thing about New York City is that the weather has no problem rising to the 90º mark and beyond, while blasting what feels like sub-zero air conditioning in the subway and most retail spots. Dressing for this weather can indeed be a pain.

Keeping all of this in mind, what I see is an opportunity to experiment with more subtle elements in outfits during the summer. This Fashionista presents a perfect example of what I’m talking about. What really stands out about her outfit is the pairing of feminine and edgy pieces, and her combination of style and comfort.

On her way to babysit, she kept cool in a floral, cutout, sleeveless top paired with simple black skinny jeans to protect her legs from the arctic indoors. Dainty gold jewelry and short pigtail braids added a youthful feel as well. Her black leather backpack and strappy sandals serve as both a textural and thematic contrast, giving her ultra-feminine top some much needed companionship, in addition to creating ever-important visual interest and balance. The details in her outfit really take it to the top of the fashion food chain.

How To: It’s too warm out for a leather jacket, but a faux leather, motorcycle vest serves as an awesome replacement. Pair it with the most summery dress or romper you can find and some fun strappy sandals, and bam! You have just conquered summer.