ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feeling the Vibes

I am a very eclectic person. I love different patterns and colors and textures put together and creating a unique vibe. I also love using the word ‘vibe’ to describe things. Everything has its own feel or meaning. It’s own story, if you will. So needless to say, I am deeply in love with this Fashionista’s look. It truly is all in the details.

Her whole look is put together, but yet if you dissect it, every piece is truly able to stand on its own. Working with different styles can be tricky. The key is balance. You do not want there to be too much of one ‘vibe’. If you have an eclectic and vintage top, you can pair it with a girly or edgy skirt in a color that is also in that top.This is a great way to find balance and look rad. There are so many different vibes in this look and it is amazing. Every piece brings something to the table to create a lavish, opulent and deliciously intricate table of goodness. So what are the details in this look that make it work? Well, everything. But to be specific the bright, turquoise jewelry really makes a statement. The elegance of the turquoise rings really plays off the edgy vibes you get from the leather jacket and the vintage vibe of the blouse. Because the look is black and white, the color of the rings really makes a vital statement in the overall look. They make the outfit pop and tie together the outfit. Remember, it’s all in the details.

How To:  Make a statement with some cool, unique jewelry and some funky shoes! It is an easy fix that makes a huge difference. Try something you haven’t before. Different ring size or shape, or even heel height! Whatever you think vibes. These accessories are a must and can turn any plain Jane into a fab Fashionista!