It is a season of major Fashion Weeks. New York was as comprehensive as ever with trends and styles; besides the eye-catching designer runways, styles revolving around colorful backpacks and pastels caught my attention. European ones in London and Paris released inspiring street fashion photos, too, as always. I was initially looking for a Fashionista/o reflecting rising trends in the midst of all this. However, I had to change my perspective and started to look for someone with unswaying style.

And, it is my first Fashionisto! He is wearing rather simple items, but their quality is obvious even from a distance. Against a white T-shirt and navy blue pants, the Fashionisto’s adidas stand out as the pointer item.

The Helmut Lang hoodie is capable of changing the mood of the outfit instantaneously. With it on, coupled with the navy pants, the outfit looks dark—more of a weighted feel. Taking it off, the Fashionisto perfectly passes as hip, vintage casual and not worrying about coming and going trends.

I’ve had the opportunity to observe the Fashionisto’s items up close so I can assure you of their quality. But, his Rolex Daytona screams that he is a force to be reckoned with from miles out.

This Fashionisto’s sense of style was a unique one to me. It looked as though he was covering himself up with most basic items known to fashion. Then, when he takes his hoodie off, the Palace T-shirt reveals itself to tell exactly what kind of class the Fashionisto possesses.

How To: I almost want to call the featured Fashionisto a “Fashion Ninja.” To mimic the Fashionisto’s subtle sense of fashion, make sure to pay attention to the quality of individual items while wearing one prominent item that says “You” to everybody else!