ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion from the Guys

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion from the Guys

In the Midwest, it feels like the weather is going back and forth between winter and spring. This unpredictable weather makes choosing an outfit hard and makes layering a must! Sometimes it is easier to sacrifice warmth and comfort for fashion, but with proper layering and careful outfit construction, you don’t have to choose warmth over style!

This Fashionisto has the layered look down, while also giving off some collegiate vibes. He layered a white button-down shirt and tie with an oatmeal-colored sweater over classic blue jeans. He rolled the sleeves of the shirt to create a cuffed look, and he accessorized with simple frames and a minimal watch. To keep the look weather-friendly, since he has to walk around campus for classes, he added trendy leather boots.

I really like how he matched his watch to his tie and stuck to a neutral palette with the oatmeal-colored sweater and chocolate-brown boots. He also chose a sweater with a lot of detail, from the buttons to the zip-up collar to the knit texture. This look can easily be dressed down without the dress shirt and tie, but can also be dressed up with a nice pair of slacks and dress shoes.

This Fashionisto said that he was going for the “collegiate prep” look with this outfit and I think he nailed it! This outfit was warm and functional for the weather, but also very trendy because he paid attention to the details. I can totally see this Fashionisto wearing this look to a presentation in class or to a coffee shop study session.