ALL IN THE DETAILS: Falling for Fringe

Goodbye 2016 and hello ’70s. As many of us surely know fashion is cyclical just like many other aspects of todays society. It tends to be recurring. Past decades almost always find a way to filter back into the modern day and age. With the rise of historical influences, fringe is back and better than ever. Yes, I said fringe! Not the kind of fringe that we used to see, but instead a resurgence of the fringe phenomenon. The latest obsession with fringe positions itself amongst a higher end concept of the trend. Not the Coachella wannabe that people used to associate it with, but instead it is being seen in a completely revamped innovative way.

Fringe has been a renowned sensation to designers, consumers and the mass population alike. It is embraced for its playful appeal that everyone is sure to love. Whether it’s a subtle detail on a sleeve or collar or even a hemline, the trend is surely making its way into all aspects of the fashion industry. The fun detailing adds a combination of drama and femininity to any look.

The chic, fashion-forward flouncy essence of this black leather mini skirt made its mark on this Fashionista. The skirt was such a statement within itself that she paired it with a simple neutral turtleneck sweater, perfect for those cold winter days. She also added a standout out shoe to help the piece be able to speak for itself. Fringe is fun. It has an essence; it evokes a confident happy-go-lucky feel that this Fashionista surely experienced. She had so much fun wearing the outfit, mainly for the fact that every little movement she made the skirt moved too. The skirt shimmied each step that she took, causing quite the scene when you go to a private college institution. It certainly drew the attention of everyone whose paths she crossed.

Fringe doesn’t always have to be so bold and so daring. This Fashionista is very bold and powerful in her everyday life, which is why a skirt so eye-catching fits the mold perfectly. Fringe is such a versatile trend and if you are more conservative there are surely ways you too can rock the look. If one is looking for a subtler approach, accessories are the perfect way to achieve it: a statement necklace, a great pair of earrings or even a clutch. For a muted yet still very trendy and noteworthy look, a hint of fringe is the perfect touch.

How To: If you’re bold like this Fashionista, let fringe be your key to success. Fringe is immensely universal. It comes in all styles and a variation of lengths, so whether one chooses to go short and subtle or long and frivolous, there are a magnitude of ways to tailor this trend to fit one’s personal style. So if you’re looking to turn some heads in the upcoming future, fringe is certainly the way to go. Happy fringing!