ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Into Floral

We see floral everywhere; however, usually this popular print is seen more around the spring and summer seasons, sporting bright color patterns and hibiscus flowers. Everyone loves a good floral print and it is being seen often for this fall fashion season. Wearing a floral print can add a little something more to any outfit as long as a Fashionista chooses the right print and correctly pairs it with the rest of an outfit.

This Fashionista displays a great, put together outfit, embracing a floral blouse that is not the typical floral you find on your Jamaican vacay dress. The blouse in this outfit is perfect for the dressy fall outfit this Fashionista has on. The look is works well because of the color of the floral pattern and the pants. The print uses shades of purple and black, which emphasize a darker fall mood. The shirt itself is an ivory shade that also dulls the outfit. The Fashionista paired her floral blouse with simple black Michael Kors pants, which allows the print to stand out, but not to be too overwhelming. By adding a statement necklace from Nordstrom and black flats, this outfit was made complete. This Fashionista not only looks put together, but also showcases her personal style and comfort for a long day of classes.

How To: Floral print is easy to wear and to find! Just remember that when choosing floral items, keep the print as the main focus of the outfit. For floral blouses, wearing a solid, neutral pant allows the print to be the statement. Doing this will keep the outfit from become too overwhelming.