ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embrace The Lace

Whether it be a pair of shorts, a flirty party dress or a matching set, lace pieces have been making a huge comeback for the past couple of years and it seems like the trend is here to stay. Lace epitomizes the essence of femininity through its soft and intricate appearance. Although lace has been popular as formal wear such as for weddings, fellow Fashionistas have been wearing this trend in many new ways, making the look much more attainable for an everyday look.

Designers, bloggers and Fashionistas alike have been taking lace to a new level this summer. Lace hit the spring/summer runways including those of Valentino, Givenchy and Chloé. And by styling this trend with an exciting fresh taste we are able to wear lace in a more casual way! One way to style this look for daytime is to wear lace pieces that inherently are perceived as casual.  Pieces like shorts, crop tops and even denim with lace details are now being made in this beautiful yet breezy fabric. For example shorts are usually inherently casual. By putting together a pair of lace shorts with a simple T-shirt and flat sandal you have taken a fabric perceived as formal to a much more casual place suitable for everyday wear. Luckily, this fabric will keep you cool as well during these hot summer months. Incorporating lace pieces with other fabrics such as leather and suede can give this fabric and edgy update as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations!

This Fashionista has found a very easy and simple way to incorporate lace into her casual wear. Her shift dress has a subtle lace insert which frames her face and doesn’t overwhelm her frame. But the versatility of this dress is what makes it such a great piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. This dress could easily be paired with a heeled sandal and clutch to be worn for a night out or summer event. However, by pairing it with her sneakers and leather cross-body bag, this Fashionista has transformed the dress into adorable casual wear. Her rings and mirrored sunnies add a pop of color to her look and make her summer ready!

How To: Have you been thinking of incorporating lace into your look this summer? In order to keep it simple and fresh, try incorporating lace details in order to not overwhelm your frame. Pair your lace with a suede skirt in order to easily transition the look into early fall.

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