ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellish Me Out

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellish Me Out

It’s true that fashion is ever changing, and it always comes back around! Remember those bootcut jeans you wore in middle school and thought about how you weren’t thinking? Look back on those photos from your mom in the ’80s. You thought she looked crazy, but here we are in 2017 rocking the same things! There are a few items in my closet that I’ve borrowed from my mom that have become staple pieces in my closet, but one thing I did miss out on is embellished pieces.

This trend started slowly last year with everyone patching up their jackets or book bags, but now just about everything is embellished. Log onto Instagram, and you’ll see your favorite style bloggers in anything embellished from wide-leg jeans, bomber jackets, or even sneakers. Your options of being embellished for spring are endless.

That’s why, when I spotted this Fashionista, my first words were “Ooo, yas girl!” Her jean skirt caught my eye across the campus yard. With just the detailing of navy flowers on either side of the skirt, it is a good intro piece for those who are afraid to step into the trend full on. Simplicity is key when trying out new trends; she tucked in a white Heat T-shirt with an oversize cardigan for optimum comfort while walking around campus. As far as accessorizing, this Fashionista kept it nice and clean to not distract from her skirt. She wore a black studded choker and braided up her hair in two old-school braids.

If you’re into DIY pieces, you can totally recreate this look to give it a more personalized look; they sell patches online or even at some retailers. Like I said, the options are endless for spring. Have fun with recreating your looks.