ALL IN THE DETAILS: Elegant Piercings and Short Booties

First of all, isn’t she just gorgeous? I adored her sassy and sweet smile. It is so rare to find a college gal dolled up because honestly, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt in the middle of 10 degree weather is the easiest thing to do. Capturing charming photos of her was simple, and I want to share why I love this look!

I seek out simple, stunning, and dazzling, and that is exactly what I got here. First of all, her opulent curls literally shimmer at first glance. Curls are the way to go—wearing them for coffee dates, to class, or even to the gym. Her plaid scarf sets the tone of details for this whole outfit. Who doesn’t love a cozy, oversize scarf?

Now, let’s talk about those elegant piercings. I am partial to minimal, silver, and sparkly earrings. Those are the details that grab people’s attention without even trying. They are dignified and fashionable for a college girl going to class. To top off this outfit, she pairs her brown booties for the signature look. It looks sunny, but the temperatures in Washington during winter are usually frigid, and booties are the perfect alternative to stocky snow boots.

Lastly, her detailed makeup exceeds expectations. Her brown lids enlarge her eyes for obvious glowing happiness, and her lip color matches her scarf with beautiful apricot and red wine tones. Her white long-sleeve along with her dark jeans are impeccable, bringing together the whole outfit as casual and alluring. Details are always up to the Fashionista/o, and I love to see what different people view as fashionable and appealing. This girl exceeds expectations!