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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Eclectic Pairings

You know how that old romantic saying goes, right? That sometimes when two opposite personalities meet, they can form a bond often stronger than two really similar personalities. Well, the same can be said about clothing, for the most part. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to walk out the door wearing your prom dress with UGG boots (I would shudder at the thought). Instead, I like to think that a little tasteful mixing and matching of styles can go a long way; key word: little. It’s these pairings of dressy with casual, girly with grungy and vintage with modern that I always find the most interesting.

Why go all out with just one certain style when you can mix in another and really make your outfit pop? Well, that is exactly what caught my eye about this particular Fashionista. While we are immediately drawn to her bright blue midi skirt, it’s the all the other details in her outfit that keep our attention. Her velvet cropped tank top is a daring choice for the daytime, but she somehow makes this edgy and feminine pairing more cute and quirky than awkward and ill-fitting (as it could easily come off looking). Her cream-colored oxfords give off a polished vibe, while her unique bone necklace is no doubt only the type of thing you could find at vintage store. This Fashionista even experimented with this idea on her hair: her dark brown locks are bleached a platinum blonde shade at the end, proving that you really can have the best of both worlds.

How To: Looking to spice things up in your own wardrobe or just change up your everyday look? Try an eclectic mix of contrasting styles à la this Fashionista or just mix and match pieces you already have in your closet. My advice on not going too overboard is to pick individual pieces that are simple and solid colored—try to stay away from bold patterns and multi-colored prints. Some of my personal favorite contrasting style pairs are denim cut-offs with a silky button-down shirt, or a flirty sundress with chunky combat boots.