ALL IN THE DETAILS: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Tomboy!

Well Fashionistas/os, we’ve come to the end of the school year. Classes are starting to come to a close, final projects abound and students everywhere are transitioning into full-focus mode to make it through the home stretch before we’re all free for the summer. For most, there probably isn’t much energy left to style fabulous over the top outfits, but the truth is that you don’t have to go super glam to still appear put together in these trying times!

This Fashionista takes some staple basics that every gal is sure to have somewhere in her closet and turns it into what she describes as her favorite “feminine-tomboy” look with appropriately edgy accessories.

The free-flowing little black dress is the basis of this outfit and a large part of what makes this look so accessible because it’s a piece no true Fashionista is without. By utilizing another classic must-have and layering the denim jacket over the dress the look is made distinctly laid-back. The oversized fit and boxy cut work to give the outfit the tomboy charm the Fashionista was striving for, and she made the piece truly unique by adding some simple and stylish embroidery to the back.

The black stretch choker and clear teardrop earrings help keep the “feminine” aspect of the “feminine tomboy” look in play while also giving it a fun throwback flair. This Fashionista finished off her effortless outfit with basic black Dr. Martens and everyone’s favorite style of sunglasses, the Ray-Ban sunglasses.

So if you’re striving for an easy style in this this busy time of year, consider straying from the femme and taking a walk on the tomboy side!

How To: As evidenced by this Fashionista’s look, much of what you would need to steal this style is likely already in your closet. Keep it simple, there’s no need to go out and buy fancy new digs to pull off this trend. Wear things that are comfortable and easy to coordinate with other pieces to ensure that your outfit is as no-hassle as possible. Don’t be afraid to try a loose cut to get the masculine aspect right—they’re comfortable and much more chic than they’re given credit for. Finally, top everything off with some of you favorite basic accessories, and you’ll have already mastered the “feminine tomboy” look coined by this Fashionista!