ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress to Impress

December 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress to Impress

When college students prepare for a job interview, they want to look professional, sophisticated and polished to make a good first impression. But what really catches an employer’s eye are the details in an applicant’s attire that not only make the outfit complete, but also tells a story.

This Fashionista is dressed to impress as she prepares for graduate school interviews. Wearing an expected single colored pantsuit is not an option for this Fashionista. Instead, she specifically chooses a classic pair of black cigarette pants that cut above the ankle to give a tailored look and a bright pink blazer with a pinstripe interior lining that adds a memorable pop of color.

The pink blazer helps her stand out in the crowd among other interviewees and demand attention while also showcasing her bubbly personality. Underneath the blazer, this Fashionista wears a white chiffon blouse with laced cap sleeves that adds additional texture to the outfit and more detail to the look when she removes the blazer.

And let’s not forget about the shoes. She dons a pair of black satin pumps from Rocket Dog, detailed with two sparkly beaded brooches that attract the eye. These detailed brooches add sparkle to the outfit that will catch the light when she walks into an interview.

Last, but not least, she completes her look with oval hoop earrings, accented with pearl-like beads that she purchased from a local Fair Trade flea market. These earrings add a dainty touch to the professional outfit that also describe this Fashionista’s personal interests making for a perfect conversation starter.

Although this Fashionista chooses specific detailed pieces to create a professional and fashionable outfit, she emphasizes that less is more. Overdoing it with detailed pieces, especially for an interview, could portray the wrong message and create a busy, over-the-top look.

This look displays the perfect balance of sophistication and strategically chosen detailed pieces that describe this Fashionista’s personality and interests. The completed outfit presents a professional and fashionable look that’s sure to make a memorable first impression for any interview, all due to the right details.