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June 10th, 2016 at 2:07am

It’s inevitable that the best pieces in your closet are also the most worn, like the perfectly broken-in jeans you’ve hoarded for a decade or the ancient Converse you refuse to throw away. We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to the contents of our closets, but patiently waiting years to master that laid back vibe is brutal and has inspired an age where we distress to impress.

When Justin Bieber walked the 2015 American Music Awards red carpet in a shredded pair of jeans and a vintage Nirvana T-shirt, he gave the world a taste of a trend to appreciate all year.

People’s wardrobes are stressed out. From stripped and ripped denim to the over-washed sweaters, hoodies and shirts of Yeezy Season 1 and Yeezy Season 2, it’s definitely not the first time we’ve caught wind of this ‘old is new’ craze. As clothes hit the shelves already distressed, there’s an understanding that the clothing is worn out aesthetically but not in actuality. It’s become a contemporary streetwear movement with a sense of grungy effortlessness that’s been held onto since the ‘90s.

This Fashionisto stood right by the trend with this DIY-inspired look. Layering a long sleeve T-shirt from Urban Outfitters as the base, he paired a simple Calvin Klein T-shirt underneath a tattered cotton crewneck he created himself. Sticking with neutrals, he then rocked a versatile pair of joggers, a white pair of Nike socks and Turtle Dove Yeezy Boost 350s.

How To: Snag a pack of Hanes T-shirts or an old pair of Levi Brand Jeans and start experimenting by cutting small holes into the fabric and tearing. Once you’re satisfied, simply rub sandpaper around the holes to make it more authentic.