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August 24th, 2016 at 2:07am

Summertime is unfortunately coming to an end and I am not ready to head back to school whatsoever. However, I am so excited for chunky sweaters, boots and to see the leaves change into beautiful colors. Summer is my favorite season for the sole reason that school is out, but when the weather starts to cool down, I get in the mood for the fall (which would be my fave if there was no school).

For my last post of summer, I wrote about a Fashionisto who was rocking two super rad trends of the summer, denim and DIY’s. This Fashionisto sported an all-black look. Both his shirt and pants are from good ‘ol Old Navy, a store you can find anything from basics to super trendy pieces in. But this Fashionisto added his own touch to the basic black tee.

He took his own spin on a design from an artist which is just a tiny embroidered heart with cute little eyeballs. He made it himself! The most glorious thing about do it yourself projects are that you get a super trendy piece without paying the big bucks on it, and you can say you made it yourself.

To add even more flare to his look, he tied an inexpensive denim button up from Primark around his waist. To top off the whole look, he added his go to black and white Vans.

How to: You can easily achieve a similar look, even if you were running late! All black is classic and it can look like you tried really hard to put together an outfit when you really didn’t! Use a denim button up either on your waist or simply wear it. It will instantly add texture and a pop of color to the look.