ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim Domination

November 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

I am a firm believer that style rules are meant to be broken. While wearing double denim has been considered a style don’t in the past, the concept has become a sensational trend on the London streets both in women’s and menswear recently. When paired with the right accessories, this style rebellion achieves an effortless meets preppy classic vibe.

You may be asking: what is the secret to rocking double denim without looking like you are dressed to paint your room or something? Leather accessories are key to pulling off this denim on denim ensemble. In order to make the shirt and pants look like two separate pieces, this Fashionisto chose two contrasting shades of denim for each piece. His cherry brown belt is what really pulls the look together, however. The oversized nature and attention grabbing color of the belt marries the two denims well. The Fashionisto also wore shoes of the same shade to match his belt. To further diversify the look and stay warm, he wore a thick cream cardigan and a statement watch. The light hue of the sweater is that final touch that makes the jean clothing look less harsh.

How To: Have you always felt the need to rebel against the denim don’t? All you need to do is find a top and bottom of contrasting shades of denim and pair it with a statement belt. Add pieces like a sweater of a lighter shade and a pair of fun shoes to breathe further life into the look. You will make it look so fashion forward that, next thing you know, everyone will be wearing all-denim all the time!