ALL IN THE DETAILS: Delightful in Denim

April 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Ever worried that what you’re wearing is going out of style or out-of-date? Clothing trends change every year if not even more, which is why it’s always hard to keep up with the latest styles. The only thing that doesn’t change about fashion is the fact that it’s always changing! However, there is one style that has remained popular since its inception in the 18th century, and is even beginning to reemerge among both celebrities and young adults. That’s right everyone, denim is back and stronger than ever.

Take a look at our Fashionista here, decked out in denim. Here she is wearing black jeans, a cute floral tank top and dark brown boots. Her outfit is completed by the dazzling denim jacket. She even has a simple but adorable heart-shaped necklace that perfectly complements her outfit. And what can be more useful in college than having your key wrapped around your wrist? This outfit just screams stylish and practical.

Denim is great because you know it’ll never go out of style. Wearing denim on denim can be slightly tricky, but when one masters this skill, the possibilities are endless! Denim has been a fashion trend for many years, and part of that is due to it’s versatility. There are so many different ways to wear denim. Denim can be worn as jackets, jeans or even accessories. Denim also comes in many styles and colors such as dark, light, distressed, skinny, high-waisted and so much more! There are literally an infinite number of combinations of ways to pair different styles and colors, so why not try them all?

How To: Want to pull off the denim look? It’s super simple! Pair a denim jacket with your favorite blouse, or wear a simple T-shirt with some distressed jeans. The best part about denim is experimenting. Mix and match until you find the style that best fits you!