ALL IN THE DETAILS: Delicate Detailing

If you’re anything like me, most of your outfits are based around simplicity. This little quirk about myself challenges me to add more detail to each outfit. I usually try to do this with layered jewelry, but it’s time to expand my horizons. I’ve been putting some thought into it lately, and I’ve come up with easy ways to add interest to basic outfits.

This Fashionista portrays detailing within a simple outfit perfectly. Although her overall ensemble looks simply put together, the gentle detailing on her jacket gives the look more interest. I love it when I find gems like an embroidered jacket in stores. These pieces are not too over the top but still have a quirky aspect. Beading can transform a simple shirt, jacket or even a pair of jeans into something eye-catching.

I love when I notice detailing on other Fashionista’s outfits because it makes me appreciate their looks even more than I might have before. It shows that they took the extra time and thought to make their ensemble a little more special than what they could’ve settled for. This is something I strive to perfect about assembling my everyday outfits. It’s very impressive when someone can coordinate the color scheme and detailing of their overall look.

How To: Does straying away from simplicity intimidate you as much as it does to me? Start slow by adding staples to your closet, and work your way from there. Try an embellished jacket or sandals with amazing embroidery.