ALL IN THE DETAILS: Defying “Fashion Rules”

Fashion is supposed to be a fun, creative outlet for people around the world, but it can seem daunting to try to follow all of the industry’s supposed rules. One of the most inapplicable “fashion rules” I’ve ever heard of is the idea that you can’t wear white after Labor Day until Memorial Day in May. The idea behind this tradition was that whites were to be saved for summertime, when people were likely to be extremely warm. But once fall came around, even if the temperatures were still high, it was frowned upon to wear white in public. I think this is a stupid rule and the past few years the biggest colors for spring haven’t been pastels—they’ve been black and white! This Fashionista shows us how to rock white no matter what season it is.

This Fashionista’s look is great for class, because she kept it simple and comfy. I was drawn to her outfit because of the way she was able to style her white leather sneakers. These are an awesome statement piece that she was able to tone down by going for a monochromatic white look. Her navy coat is a great pop of color and is waterproof for those rainy spring days. Her chunky turtleneck is great for those and white ripped jeans. Her gray hat is a great way to keep your head warm and your hair in place on windy days and I love that she paired a black bag with the look because she is breaking another “fashion rule” that I disagree with—the idea that black and navy cannot be worn together.

How To: Have you always been too scared to go against “fashion rules”? Don’t be! Wear what you want and what makes you comfortable. Fashion is about expressing yourself and letting your creativity show, and if that includes wearing white after Labor Day, go for it!