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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dash of Details

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dash of Details

Many Fashionistas struggle to find the “perfect outfit.” They dig into their closets for hours complaining about how they can’t find anything to wear. Well, now I will share an easy tip to pull off your outfit in less than 10 minutes. The answer is accessories!

Accessories are key. They can transform a basic look into a stunning one by just adding a pair of sunglasses. Besides that, you can wear the same clothes with different accessories and have an endless amount of outfits to choose from.

Details are also important. They can give clothes a magic touch, by turning them into a more original piece. This Fashionista balanced simplicity with elegance to create a perfect piece. From her wavy hair to her stylish shoes, her look is an eye-catcher.

The round sunglasses she is wearing are ideal for a sunny day. This John Lennon trend has been around for a while and is here to stay—and why wouldn’t it, if it makes outfits quirky, funky, and fancy. I also had to take a moment to admire this Fashionista’s blouse. It matches perfectly with her leather skirt. My favorite part about it is the details in the sleeves. Bell sleeve blouses are very trendy and complement her funky look.

Purses are a must have, especially the crossbody type. They are practical, comfortable, and can carry the necessary things you would need in your daily life. This Fashionista’s black leather purse is a beauty. The metal straps and details make it stand out, matching her outfit like a perfect symphony.

Finally, I really liked her footwear choice. Her ankle boots balance the rest of her outfit, making it a picture perfect, casual look.