ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cute As A Button-(Down)

In the words of the great ZZ Top: “every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” This lyric holds extremely true, at least in my eyes. I sincerely appreciate it when boys lose the sweats and T-shirts and go for something a little more sophisticated. Unfortunately for some of our gentleman friends, they don’t dress up due to the pure fact that they just don’t feel like it. What if we show guys that there are some simple pieces that they can throw on, that are easy to put together and still make them look fashionable? Seems impossible right? Wrong! This Fashionisto’s use of a button-down shirt is an easy way to take his style game to the next level.

Achieving this quick and business casual look is just as easy as it seems. Starting with a white button-down is a great preface for just about any outfit. The collar of the shirt automatically makes it look fancier, opposed to just a flat undershirt lying beneath the layers. Button-downs are good for layering, but can also be worn alone or with a tie. The versatility of button-downs is just one of the great things about them and I absolutely adore them on boys.

This Fashionisto layered his button down with a simple navy sweater. This layering technique not only keeps him nice and warm, but also makes his outfit come together seamlessly. If you’ve read my prior articles, you’ll know how I’m a huge fan of boys khaki pants. Again, the simple switch from jeans to khakis really takes the ensemble up a notch.

Let’s end the stigma around men dressing up nicely. This Fashionisto made a stylish outfit seem effortless, who says you can’t do the same?

How To: If you’re trying to step your style up a bit, switch out that worn T-shirt for a nice, clean button-down. Incorporating a fresh and professional looking shirt into your look will not only boost your style game but your confidence as well!