April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

In my opinion, college is the first time in our lives where we really get the opportunity to showcase our personal style. For most of us it’s the first time that we don’t really have any rules or regulations on what we can or cannot wear. It’s the start of us being able to feel comfortable in whatever we choose to wear and not having to worry whether or not it’s “age appropriate.” Personally, I know I never once put on a pair of wedges until I started college and even then I remember feeling out of place and like I was trying to look older than I really was. It’s a liberating feeling to finally be at the point of our lives where that isn’t a concern anymore.

The thing that first stood out to me about this Fashionista was the cutout detail in her romper. I think it’s such a bold and unique detail that really makes this romper different from anything I’ve seen before. The cutout trend is one that I’ve been drawn to since it first became popular. I think it’s a great way to transform what would be a simple, everyday outfit into one that can be seen in a different light. It’s also a way give a girly dress more of an edgy feel.

This Fashionista also displays my favorite shoe trend of the moment: lace-up sandals. I am so obsessed with this type of sandal because it draws your attention every time. They add so much more to an outfit than a plain pair of sandals.

How To: This outfit is so cute, yet so easy to recreate. All you need is to pick out your favorite cutout piece and to make it easy, make it a dress or romper. Then just pair it with some strappy or lace-up sandals and you’re ready to go!