January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

For those of us who live in cold winter climates, November through March can be a tough time to keep up appearances. The alluring siren song of your favorite sweatshirt/sweatpant combination can be hard to ignore when dressing for an 8 a.m. lecture, and the mere thought of trudging out into the frosty air to make it to class is enough to make any Fashionista/o want to crawl back under the covers and hide until summer. What we really need to beat the winter blues, and effectively ditch our sweats (at least until after class), are outfits that are stylish, yet cozy enough to withstand the January chill. Take some style inspiration from this Fashionista, who seems to have it figured out!

A leather jacket can add a touch of edge to any outfit, while simultaneously keeping the wearer nice and toasty. Leather jackets also ooze cool kid vibes, and this Fashionista’s dynamic-front coat with silver hardware is no exception. She pairs her leather with a delicate gold chain, adding a bright, eye catching detail to this otherwise earth-toned outfit.

Sweater dresses are the perfect way to stay stylish yet warm this winter season. This Fashionista’s dress is of a neutral color, making it easy to pair with an array of vibrant tones, and its trendy lace-up detailing keeps this timeless piece looking modern.

Heeled booties keep your feet safe from the snow and ice, while also adding a touch of glam to your look. This Fashionista paired her booties with tights to keep her legs from turning to popsicles, and their fishnet pattern adds yet another head-turning component to her cozy ensemble.

Fashionistas/os, it can sometimes be tough to show our true, stylish colors on campus in the bitter winter months, but hopefully next time we’re faced with going out in the cold we’ll be able to think twice before pulling on our favorite hoodies.