April 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

Have you ever encountered a cosmic diva? You’ll know when you do. Everything will seem a little “otherworldly.” It’s as if your head is caught in the clouds from being in the presence of such a magical creature. I spotted this cosmic diva when walking to class and was immediately entranced by her amazing galaxy kimono. It is such a rad statement piece and immediately adds an air of whimsy and creativity to every outfit. It radiates such an air of positivity and fun that I couldn’t help but smile and be a little awestruck when I saw this Fashionista.

The best thing about having such a fabulous piece in your closet is that the styling possibilities are endless. You can spruce up a simple outfit made up of basic pieces like jeans and a T-shirt with a bold kimono. However, you can also go full unicorn like this Fashionista and really embrace the spirit of a printed kimono. She imbued the kimono with her signature quirkiness, unique style and great personality. You know immediately by looking at her that she has a lot of fun, and I absolutely love how well that comes across with the styling of this outfit. This Fashionista started out with a swingy black dress from T.J.Maxx that is anything but boring with its easy shape. She also slipped into some Steve Madden combat boots that show off her tomboy sensibility.

With the basics of her outfit set, this Fashionista went all out with her accessories. Make sure to incorporate little touches to every outfit that express your personality like she did. Whimsical knee socks add some femininity to offset the tomboyish aspects of the outfit. The other aspects of her outfit are positively stellar. She incorporated a mix of celestial jewelry in zany shapes and finishes. Then she topped the whole look off with a half top knot and the coolest sunglasses I’ve seen this spring.

How To: First, find a bold kimono! Stay totally true to your personality. Find a flattering black dress that you’re comfortable running around in all day. Then layer on your favorite varied accessories that express exactly who you are. These pieces always make an impact if they’re special to you and have great stories behind them. You’ll need layers of unique jewelry, some pretty knee socks and a killer pair of sunnies.