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Final exams require a lot of focus, but everyone needs a break here and there. Get some creative juices pumping by coming up with fresh outfits to wear during exam week. Having fun with color is always a great idea and coral is a great one to incorporate this spring. Look to this week’s Fashionista for tips on picking an outfit that features a fun pop of coral.

She sports an outfit that has great dimension without being too busy. The five hues in her outfit’s color palette do not clash at all, despite consisting of a mix of warms and cools. A basic white T-shirt serves as a great foundation upon which she builds her outfit. She pairs it with pants in a deep navy floral print, keeping things quirky, yet sophisticated. For outerwear and accessories, she wears a lightweight olive green jacket and a large burgundy tote, respectively.

All the colors work well as neutrals, but the pop of color from her lace-up coral sandals really elevates the look. The shoes are an unexpected addition to this outfit, and their flat, simple silhouette is perfect for the casual vibes that exam season needs. They add comfort and versatility as well, as they can easily take this Fashionsita from a chill coffee break with friends to a serious evening study session at the library. No time will be wasted and stress will definitely be reduced; additionally, aching feet will not be an issue. Therefore, neither fun nor style have to be compromised.

How To: This finals week, brighten things up with some color. For subtle touches of coral, opt for earrings or footwear. For more bold statements, pick a tote bag that features the bright hue.