ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coordinating Colors

Spring patterns come out to play on Elizabethtown College’s campus. Finding a fun pattern and matching the rest of your outfit to fit the color scheme is a great way to get your look ready for fun under the sun. Finding a specific shade to follow in a patterned dress, top or bottom, and letting it lead the way makes for a colorful outfit to bring you out of the gloomy winter weather.

This Fashionista followed the deeper purple in her geometric patterned dress, pairing it with a dark purple cardigan and casual navy sneakers. As a lighter touch, she added some subtle jewelry for that extra sparkle. Her thin silver rings and pearl earrings accent the lighter shades in the dress, but are just enough to keep her outfit casual.

The geometric, almost chevron pattern covering her dress combines fun spring pastels and its jagged edges almost look feathery. It brings a life and movement to her dress that makes it perfect for spring. Each section is cut vertically almost like a pleat and elongates her figure.

She pairs this outfit perfectly with her wrap cardigan for when the wind kicks up and takes away from the warmth of the spring day. Her sneakers are navy blue that help continue with the focus of the darker pigments in her patterned dress. They are comfortable to wear on a busy day of classes without feeling too stuffy for the spring weather.

How To: If you have a favorite patterned blouse, dress or pair of pants, try pairing them with a light layer on top. Pick a color or shade from the pattern and match it with your lighter layer to bring some coherence to that spring outfit.