ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coordinated Color Scheme

Wearing colors has always sparked the matching debate. For years, Fashionistas/os have felt pressured to find similar colors to pair together for outfits, and pretty soon the trend died out. Matching, all of a sudden, became uncool. Now, with the dawn of coordinated pieces and one piece wonders, matching is slowly creeping back into our closets. So what’s the best way to conquer this trend and others at the same time? Choosing prints with accent colors.

This Fashionista rediscovered the matching game and made it all her own. Instead of dressing head to toe in all the same color, she took the pop of color from the designs on the pants and matched it with her hijab. The turquoise is rich and flatters her skin tone, bringing attention to her smart frames and warm lip color. The coordination is pleasing to the eye and makes for a great statement.

When wearing a printed pant, weather a small or large design, it’s best to let it speak for itself. Unless you’re going for a Derek Zoolander look from Valentino’s recent ready-to-wear show, take the safe route and find a color within the pattern to match or complement your other pieces. Can’t find any of the colors your wearing in other pieces? Seek the classic go-to, black. The pants this Fashionista is wearing has a navy blue base, but it’s dark enough to blend in with the black suede booties, making for a smooth look on the bottom. With her brightly colored hijab on top, black was once again a safe choice of color for her blouse and jacket.

How To: Weary about taking your new patterned pants for a spin? Try a simple pattern with small shapes that are easy to dress up or down. Pair them with a plain V-neck T-shirt and you’ve conquered this latest spring trend.