ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cooler By The Minute

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cooler By The Minute

Happy November everyone! For this month’s feature we’re going to talk about details. Details are very important because they can transform a simple look into an elegant fit. In the pictures, the Fashionisto is rocking a silver watch. Watches are a must in every outfit as they add another element of style. It is important to know when and where to utilize the right type of watch. Here, our Fashionisto made his outfit look more polished by combining his button-down with a silver watch, as silver watches are able to dress up entire outfits.

In addition to the button-down, he paired the dark blue top with khakis to complement each other, as well as the gray suede shoes that neutralize the color scheme. Suede shoes are also another way to subtly dress up your outfit. They can be worn for casual outings as well as for formal occasions. They are very versatile, and in these pictures, they too like the silver watch, make this outfit look more sophisticated overall.

The type of sunglasses pictured are called Clubmasters. It’s important to note the type of sunglasses that best fit your face shape. In this case, Clubmasters fit perfectly on our Fashionisto’s heart-shaped face. Lastly, your hair also takes part in your outfit as a whole. To add on to the charming look of our Fashionisto, his hair is styled in the classic and trendy side swept look. This hairstyle is neat, simple and attractive giving him an overall fresh look.

As the temperatures get cool, make sure that you stay even cooler by addressing details. Simple is elegant.