ALL IN THE DETAILS: Confidently Detailed

September 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

As an aficionado for effortless basics, at times I struggle to accessorize past my routine black hat or scarves once Texas welcomes fall. As scorching temperatures still plague this region and fear of a beauty routine other than my mascara and nude nails, this Fashionista was a refreshing sight to ease my worries. Her look is a reminder that all you need are a few jewelry selections, a bold lip and your head held high.

Adorning two trends, they’ve set a solid foundation for her varied accessories. Stripes can be daunting but paired with white shorts allowed for the combination to maintain continuity and provide an exceptional base for the additional accessorial elements. Completing her look are brown flats, ideal for a long day on campus or downtown roaming on the weekend.

Although the juxtaposition of the two trends is unexpected, what initially captured my attention is the detailed attention to the smaller aspects of her ensemble—her bold lip and accessories! A statement necklace complements her perfect red pout. At further inspection, I realized not only had she detailed her top-half but focused on her hands as well. Silver and gold rings exquisitely lay upon her yellow painted nails.

Elevating a simple ensemble is effortless with the assistance of this Fashionista. Utilize your favorite necklace and rings while selecting a bold hued nail and lip for additional edge. Exuding style and confidence, this feature is my next ensemble inspiration!

How To: For this look not to become garish, select one attention-grabbing accessory (as in this case her necklace) and then create the rest of your look with smaller pieces. This maintains balance amongst the focal point of your accessories and lip with your clothing.