March 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

What do sweaters, scarves and leggings all have in common? Comfort! Not only are all of these items comfortable, but pair them together properly and you’ll be rocking an outfit that looks flattering and feels great. A sweater and leggings is a basic outfit that many college Fashionistas wear around for a busy day on campus. But this Fashionista utilized both comfort and style in her outfit just with a simple scarf!

It may be spring here in the Midwest, but we haven’t quite gotten rid of the cold just yet. On the chilly days, it’s common to want to immediately throw on a hoodie and sweats for class. However, you can be just as cozy and still look fabulous with an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s! She’s wearing a cream, off the shoulder sweater paired with simple gray leggings. Instead of going with go-to casual sneakers, she gave her outfit some flare with Steve Madden studded combat boots. As for accessories (my favorite), she has some long gold earrings and a floral print scarf. This pretty infinity scarf is a focal point in her outfit, and it’s such an easy concept!

Scarves can be such a fashionable addition to outfits for almost any season. You can wear them so many different ways, and they can easily transform an outfit from bland to beautiful! Any day you want to be comfy, the sweater, legging and scarf trio is the perfect solution to looking more put-together and feeling more confident while you’re at it. I also love how this Fashionista used a variety of cool tones throughout her outfit to pair with her warm toned sweater. Little details like this are important when putting an outfit together, especially when coordinating scarves. However, scarves are a great way to wear some crazy and fun designs. Find a vibrant or patterned scarf to match your personal style to play around with in a variety of ensembles!

How To: You can easily get this Fashionista’s look with items you probably already have in your wardrobe. This outfit is perfect for a cool spring day! Take a knit sweater and pair it with leggings and your favorite boots. Add a fun printed infinity scarf (maybe a floral pattern for spring) and some cute earrings, and you’ll be set!