ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfy Colored Cords

Colored pants are a great way to amp up any outfit, however, corduroys take the colored pant trend to a whole new level. Corduroys keep the warmth in while the ribbed, velvety material amps up the pigment within the fabric. The color is more intense and pure, creating an element of intrigue and boldness within any ensemble.

This Fashionisto embraces this trend by donning a pair of bright blue corduroys that reflects how happy he is that the sun is finally shining. This pair of pants carries the entire outfit. The bright colored corduroys coupled with the Fashionisto’s deep gray sweater create the flawless combination of vivid and subtle all in one outfit. The red detailing of the sweater makes this vintage find unique while bringing a wintery touch to such a summery color.

Brown suede shoes, a brown leather watch and leather belt make this oversized slouchy sweater look put together and polished. By not taking the look too seriously, this Fashionisto looks great wearing bright colors and different textures around his college campus.

How To: Pick any color of cords and pair them with subtle colors to allow your pants to be the statement piece of your whole outfit. The brighter or more unique color the better. Maroon corduroys paired with a cream sweater would be a great way to transition this winter pick into a fall or spring ensemble. The trend can transition for either gender because skinny colored cords look great on girls as well!