ALL IN THE DETAILS: Collegiate Cool

December 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

I’d like to think at some point every fall—when the leaves start changing and homecoming rings in collegiate spirit—a hint of preppiness briefly influences our attire. You may not notice it initially, but certain fall layering techniques pinpoint classic preppy styles. Whether it’s the simple pairing of knee-high socks and oxford shoes or the strategic layering of a button-down with a slouchy sweater, fall hones in on collegiate style. The varsity jacket—a symbol inseparable from homecoming culture—has elements that trend in and out of style every few years; including recently, varsity stripes on V-neck sweaters. Yet, it’s the varsity patch that subtly creates a cool, collegiate look, which I found on this Fashionista.

While the temptation to don sweatpants and hoodies is at an all-time high at UC Davis, this Fashionista shows us simplicity still creates a statement. The mock patch on this Fashionista’s maroon cardigan immediately caught my attention for its dedication to varsity attire in a minimal, stylish manner. Yet, it’s the overall combination of her cardigan and neatly arranged scarf that highlight sophistication.

What truly ties together her overall color palette and classic fall look is her high caramel boots. The pairing of these boots with her white jeans extol equestrian vibes—which, traditionally, is known for preppy attire.

How To: Cultivating a chic, collegiate look begins with using a staple item as your base: think striped T-shirt, button-down or sweater. Pair the item with a dressy secondary piece, such as a skater skirt, blazer or tartan accessory.