ALL IN THE DETAILS: Collared Fiends

Tis’ the season for high spirits and comfortable street wear, so lace up your boots and dig out those beloved wool socks. We haven’t quite reached the freezing point that forces almost every student (I’m looking at you, guy wearing shorts and a T-shirt in thirty degree weather) to bundle up head-to-toe in warm clothing, but we’re definitely moving in that direction. Walking to class in chilly November air and prepping our stomachs for highly anticipated holiday feasts will definitely require a bit of extra layering. Say hello to cardigans, sweater and shirt combinations and fabulous fur vests.

The best way to beat the cold is with killer confidence, and this month’s Fashionisto definitely brought it. After all, nothing says cool like Ray-Bans in November. His look begins with a classic plaid button-up with a rolled, detailed cuff and a pair of straight-legged, slate gray chinos from Banana Republic. By themselves, the pieces are simple and classy, but the right accessories take the outfit to a whole new level.

To spice up the top and add a little warmth, he layered on a navy blue merino wool sweater. This item goes perfectly with the button-up because the neckline is just low enough to let the fun, patterned collar stick out from underneath the sweater. Plus, the striped shirt cuffs can be rolled up over part of the sweater sleeves to create a more relaxed look. A+ for creativity, am I right? A pair of chocolate brown Timberland boots and a silver watch from Swatch pull the outfit together and give it a unique spin. This Fashionisto is ready to brave the cool weather in style.

How To: 1. Layer your favorite sweater over any patterned button-up and then pair with boots and killer accessories. Finally, just own your look with confidence.