Spring is here and campus is looking a whole lot brighter. The sun inspires people to get up and get ready in the morning. Flirty clothes and frilly necklines are popping up everywhere. Although it is heating up and Fashionistas/os are feeling inspired again, the functionality of your outfit still needs to be taken into consideration. Sure, it is considerably warm one day in spring, but the next it could be considerably colder. This Fashionista’s outfit has all the necessities for spring’s up and down weather patterns.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista’s outfit was her adorable jacket that accentuated her waist. The jacket has a flirty peplum silhouette, that initially caught my eye. Secondly her boot, a girl rocking lace-up heel boots on campus was just up my alley. Then I noticed that most fantastic enviable detail about her outfit, her blouse collar. I have been obsessed with peter-pan-type collars for a while now and this one takes the cake. It was gorgeous and not to mention she told me she scored it in Japan. The black flower embroidery on the collar, added just that extra individuality that you don’t normally see. On top of that the collar features a black-slim ribbon bow. Talk about collar envy.

This Fashionista is ready for whatever spring throws at her with this convertible ensemble. With or without the jacket, she can shake up the look depending on the temperature outside.

How To: Want an intricate collar that grabs attention? You can try to tie a ribbon around your favorite collared shirt and add that extra special something to your ensemble.