ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coachella Meets Campus

As we get deeper into the heart of spring and closer to the summer, the relaxed bohemian-chic becomes a way of life for most of us Fashionistas. This style has had an extra kick due to the recent music festivals such as Coachella that makes everyone’s inner hippie bust out. I know it’s all about the music but looking at the different outfits is my favorite part.

When I spotted this stylish Fashionista I just knew I had to stop her! This vibrant gal was eager and willing to be my inspiration. During this time of year in pirate nation the sun is in full effect but recently the wind has been too. For some, this may pose a problem but for her it was a breeze. She is wearing a white tank top, distressed light wash jeans and white Converse. I know you all are wondering where the hipster look comes in and it’s with this amazing paisley print kimono!

The kimono brings the right amount of color and style, plus it blows in the wind when she walks! The bright red pop of color is my favorite part about the kimono because they are typically found in softer colors. I feel as though if you’re going to do a statement piece, then you might as well go all out with style and color.

Overall, this outfit is amazing! It incorporates basic items that can be found in anyone’s closet but also incorporates an item that ties everything together. Next time you come across a bright bold item, do not, and I repeat do not hesitate because it might be the perfect piece to finish your outfit off with.

How To: If you’re anything like myself and you’re currently in love with the whole Coachella, hipster look then this outfit will be easier than you think. Grab an item with a bright color such as yellow, red or orange and keep everything surrounding it neutral. Find a flowy top or pullover and let it be the main aspect of your outfit. Anything can be paired with the right pair of distressed denim and white converse are perfect to tie it all together.