ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coachella, Maybe?

Do you ever feel like your style belongs in a place much cooler than where you are? Well, this Fashionista’s style definitely exceeds the borders of Mississippi. We all know the famous Coachella music festival that’s held every year in Indio, California. It’s famous for the eccentric, bohemian styles that festival goers wear. This year, we saw plenty of wide brim hats, braids and gorgeous prints. Wouldn’t this Fashionista blend right in?

In her look, this Fashionista makes a bold statement with patterned shorts. Patterned shorts are always a perfect bottom for the spring and summer months. They look great in the weather and for your figure. Any Fashionista of any shape or size can pull off these flattering shorts.

The details of the tribal pattern stands out the most in this Fashionista’s cool look. These tribal maze shorts are the perfect length and fun color. Pink is always a feminine touch. The shorts are not too short, but they are just short enough to show of this Fashionista’s amazing legs! Let’s not forget my favorite element to an outfit—accessories. Her accessories add to the cool, bohemian look. Especially her bracelets and necklace. They help emphasize a color scheme. Even though sunglasses would top off this look, the wide brimmed hat blocks the sun from this Fashionista’s face. This look would be great for any spring or summer occasion, but it would let this Fashionista slay at a music or art festival.

How To: Just got a pair of spring shorts? Pair them with a solid colored crop top, a huge brimmed hat and your best charm accessories. The charm accessories are vital to complete the festival ready look!