ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classy, Sassy and Strappy

Fashion has taken a different turn in the past couple of years. Minimal jewelry and accessories, as well as everyday basics, have become elements of today’s trending outfits. Statement necklaces are being swapped for thin, layered chains. Achieving a natural make-up look is harder than it seems, and neutral tones can be worn during any season. Although big bold colors and patterns are still very stylish, the “minimal look” is trendy, chic and sophisticated.

This Fashionista’s outfit is trendy for a number of reasons, but what really caught my eye were her shoes. Her barely-there black heels are fun, cute and appropriate for just about any occasion. Ankle strap heels are definitely the must-have shoes for 2015. This particular style is considered minimal because of how little the shoes actually cover. The shoes cover the back of one’s heel, have an ankle strap and typically have a single band that crosses over one’s toes. However, this Fashionista’s shoes come with a twist because they’re close-toed and have a little bow.

Overall, this Fashionista’s look is super chic. Her floral print romper is a moody burgundy, but also includes neutral tones. She pairs it with delicate rings and a bracelet, as well as a leafy, metallic necklace. The leaf-like details on her necklace, as well as her tan watch, match appropriately to her her earthy, floral outfit. Her black cross-body and black heels also help transform this outfit into a stylish day-to-night look.

Personally, before I make a purchase, I make sure I can use whatever it is in at least three different ways. I would definitely buy a pair of these ankle-strap heels, because they can be worn with pretty much anything that matches with black.

How To: Pick out your favorite romper or jumpsuit and pair it with ankle-strap heels within the same color scheme. Grab a matching purse, throw on some light jewelry, and you’ll be out the door in no time!